Zero-Waste Manner

Want to know how we ship from RePlanetMe in a Zero-Waste Manner?

We try to ship completely plastic-free. We only utilize re-used packing materials to ship our products to you (ex: you might receive your order in a Nescafé® box!) We use the boxes in which we receive our inventory, boxes that were donated to us, or boxes from neighboring merchants; if they’re usable, we use them! Everything is 100% re-used and 100% recyclable.

How do we protect fragile items during shipment?

We try not to put any packing materials inside of our shipping boxes, but for any orders that are fragile, we use re-used 100% recyclable paper packing materials.

What do we request of our suppliers?

We request that all shipments to RePlanetMe come as close to 100% plastic-free as possible (that includes bio-based or compostable plastics as well).  The less packaging the better.  We continually assess all our suppliers on these criteria and those willing to make that commitment are always prioritized.

What can we ask of our customers?

Of course, we cannot control what our customers do with the packaging materials when we ship a package to them, but we do include a note on re-used paper encouraging you to re-use or recycle all packing materials.

Thank you for thinking, buying, and striving to live a zero-waste life!


We absolutely love and live for what we do, but we are only human and alas, prone to some errors!
But we do strive, everyday, to do a better job than the day before.
And so we would really love to hear your comments, suggestions, rants and raves!  So pretty please, with sugar on top, do contact us!

Our customers are also our ambassadors, and are the motivation for why we do what we do. We would love to hear your zero-waste story and anything else that you’ve learned along the way!  And maybe we could even feature your story on our website or social media!