Our Vision


We are a passionate group of people who want to help you on your way towards a “zero-waste lifestyle”. We care a great deal about the environment and we know the greatest impact will be made when as many people as possible join our movement.  And so we source and sell items which we think will make a big difference to the environment without making a big dent in your wallet.

We want to make it convenient and accessible for you to easily obtain good, healthful, simple, clever items which don’t cost you a fortune but which have the greatest possible positive impact on the environment. We want to help reduce global plastic use as far as we can by educating and empowering people to change their lifestyle.


  • Making Zero-Waste Living Hassle-Free 

We believe that the power to make changes rests with the individual, whether you are buying sustainable products for you, your friends, your family, or your business.  You can absolutely make a difference and we want to make it super easy for you.  Every business choice we make will be to make “zero-waste living” affordable, convenient, and accessible for you.

  • Making Waste Separation Second Nature

We believe that first comes awareness, then comes action.  We also believe that habits formed early have a greater chance of staying with us as we grow older.  That’s why we pledge 5% of our profits to Waste Separation education in schools.


  • Quality Suppliers & Products

We choose only reputable suppliers to ensure their products consistently meet our high standards. We then interview them about each new product we want to introduce. Each product is reviewed based on five key factors: source material, manufacturing, usage, life expectancy, and disposal. Only when it meets all our criteria does the product join our RePlanetMe portfolio.

  • Zero-Waste Packaging

We source and collect re-used, recyclable packaging and we request all of our suppliers to not package any goods in plastic.